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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If after reading through this section you're still curious about something, we would love to hear from you over on our General Contact page!

What should I bring on photo day?

Make sure that your player is in their uniform, has non-cleat footwear if your photos are in a gymnasium, and that you have payment readily available. Having an order form printed out with the player information section completed is advisable, even if you are unsure of which packages you'd like to order. We will be happy to assist you on site with finding the right package for your needs.

Do I need an Order Form?

You only need an Order Form if you would like to purchase pictures. We will only take an individual photo of your child if we have a fully filled out order form allowing us to do so. All players will participate in the team photo regardless of purchasing status.


Can I pay for and order my photos before or after photo day? Can I pay online?

We have streamlined our system to work quickly and efficiently, and that necessitates that payment be handled in person on the day of photos. We accept cash in exact change, checks, and credit/debit cards to facilitate this. We are not able to make change for cash payments on site. We will only take an individual photo of your child if we have an order form allowing us to do so, and as such there will not be a photo of your child to pay for after photo day if you did not already order one. If you already paid for and received photos, but wish to order more, please see our Re-Order Form page.


What time should I arrive on photo day?

Your team's coach will provide you with your team's scheduled time for photos. We advise arriving 20-30 minutes prior to this time for preparedness, finalizing forms, processing payment, etc.

What happens if my league's photo day is rained out?

If a photo day is rained out, your league will contact your coach with the reschedule date. We will see you on that next date!

I can't wait to see my photos! How long will it be until my package arrives?

During our busiest times of the year, it may take up to six weeks for photo packages to arrive. Packages may be shipped to the league, the head coach, or the individual player on a league by league basis. If you are unsure, ask your coach! They will know what process your league uses, and will likely be able to give you an estimate timeframe.

I ordered a Specialty Item. When might I expect it to arrive?

Specialty Items are produced separately from our normal packages, and may arrive before or after your receive your photos. If you receive one before the other, do not worry! The other items are still on their way!

I would like a refund. How can I do this?

If you are dissatisfied with your photos and would like a refund, please send all items back to 4230 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302, with your player's first and last name or the original packaged label. They do not have to be neat, you can even fold them up! Once received you will receive a refund in 5-10 business days. Please note, this does not apply to digital images, for more information please contact us. 

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