Specialty Items

Laser-Cut Trophies
Laser-cut acrylic trophy printed with personalized name plate.
Wall Stickers
Sizes Available:
W1 - Medium (18x24)
W2 - Large (24x36)
W3 - Life-Size (24x48)
W4 - Super Life-Size (36x60)
Individual photo printed onto a 16x24 poster, with a fun background of your choosing, individual name, league name, team name, and year. We offer Standard Poses & Action Poses

Backgrounds Available:
P1 - American Flag
P2 - Sports Center
P3 - Fire
P4 - Lightning
P5 - Steel
Individual or Team photo printed onto a sports ball of your choice.

BallStars Available:
B1 - Football (mid-sized)
B2 - Baseball (full-sized)
B3 - Soccer (mini)
B4 - Basketball (mini)
Sports Shape Plaques
Individual or team photo printed onto a glossy wooden plaque in a sports ball shape.

Sports Shape Plaques Available:
S1 - Football
S2 - Baseball
S3 - Soccer
S4 - Basketball
Beverage Containers
U1 - Coffee Mug
U2 - Water Bottle
U3 - Travel Mug
Phone Cases
C2 - iPhone 6, 6S, 7, & 8
C3 - iPhone 6+, 6S+, 7+, & 8+
C4 - iPhone X
Hinged Memory Mate
3x5 Individual and 5x7 Team Photo printed onto an acrylic standing mount
Dog Tag
Laser-Cut Ornament
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For inquiries about Specialty Item pricing, please see your digital order form. Your coach will receive and send these out to their respective teams. If your coach has not received one from the league, and your photo date is fast approaching, you may request a digital order form here.

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